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Natabua High School is a co-educational secondary school situated in Lautoka.

The school caters for years 9-13. The origin of Natabua High School can be traced back further than 1930. In September 1930, a secondary school section was established with the enrolment of 14 pupils. This of course was the first secondary school for Indian boys in Fiji. The school was shifted to the present location in 1963.

A review reveals that in it's 78 year history (1930-2008) about 18,000 students have passed through the corridors of Natabua High School, many of whom have taken up senior posts in Fiji and overseas.

The school motto is 'In Scientia Fortitudo' (In knowledge lies strength). Students of the past and present proudly carry this motto out in the world.

Today Natabua High School remains as a coeducational school. It has facilities for Student Boarding, catering only boys who come from all over the country to attend this prestigious institution. Natabua is renown for it's high achievements in Academia and Sports and is one of the first 2 schools in the country that started the Schools Cadet Corp. It has been a model high school dedicated to educating and preparing our youths to succeed and flourish after they graduate.

It has successfully prepared students to succeed in many fields in Fiji and all over the world in areas such as Teaching, Management, as Pilots, Lawyers, Doctors, Journalists and Government Officials.

The number of students coming out of Natabua successful is countless and each former student can be counted as being thankful to the School for molding them to become the people they are today.